Side Project, Quad AD/AR

I love my modular synth, and like a lot of people I’m restricted with space (though I do have 44U in my MU system, oops).

I have a pair of Moon Modular ADSRs (511D) which are fab (even though they do go ADRS in knob order, which drives me a bit nutty sometimes), But for a lot of things, especially sequencing you really only need an AD or AR envelope.

So I search high and low, ok I used google, and found a thread on talking about the Thomas Henry AD/AR envelope. Neat, thinks I, a small compact envelope with minimal parts count, I know I could fit four of those in a 2U wide MU module!

Great, so it all fits. I plan to have the gate inputs connected, such that one gate at the top will trigger the three below unless another Jack is plugged in.

Now this time I wanted to share this, it’s not my design so I didn’t feel comfortable selling it, so I’ve designed a PCB using through hole parts (Rather than 0402 SMD parts).

I Added a couple of features, firstly an LED, because everyone likes blinky lights and secondly a switch to switch between AD and AR modes. There’s a header for a dotcom style power connector and 6 pin “feed through” for the power, so you could put four in a panel and daisy chain the power.

I’ve had a few made at OSH Park to test and they’ve arrived!

So the next step is to build it up (I’ll admit, I didn’t have any CMOS 555 timers) and assuming all is well I’ll be uploading the KiCAD files for the PCB layout and schematic.

I’ll also need to order the panel, but I’ll do that once I’ve got the PCB assembled and working.