Side Project, Quad AD/AR #2

Well, I got the parts and it worked!

I did have to make a couple of changes.
I couldn’t get 1M potentiometers in the RK09 package that I use in my modules, so I went with 50K, now I upped the 4.7uF timing capacitor to 100uF to compensate but I felt the attack/release times were too long, so I changed the timing capacitor down to 22uF and the times seem great to me.

I did notice a bit of attack even with the attack set to 0, this is down to the diode that’s used to ensure the attack pot is used for attack only. So I popped two more in parallel and the attack is all but gone.

I also couldn’t find 2.5mm pitch capacitors for the 10nF and 100nF, so I updated the board layout to fit these 5mm pitch parts and to include the extra two diodes (as my mod looks a bit ugly).

Next step for me is to build three more, wire them up and then get the panel ordered. I’ll be sharing the panel design once it’s complete.

So, below is the KiCAD files, which include, schematic, PCB layout and also the BoM in CSV format. You’ll also find the iBoM html file, which is a super useful plugin for KiCAD that let’s you track which parts you’ve populated and highlights them on the board!
I hope you enjoy it.