My Music

At a recent trade show (Brighton Modular Meet) I was asked a few times if I made music. Now I would say I don’t, at least I don’t consider myself a musician, my passion, the thing that drives me, is making synths. Whilst I enjoy the odd noodle on a synth I wouldn’t say I’m a musician.

That said, a few people asked, so I’m sharing my soundcloud account for people to listen to. There are not many tracks there, and it’s quite a varied mix. But I hope you find something you enjoy.

“Standing Tall” – This is perhaps one of my favourites, and much more like the sort of thing I enjoy playing.

“Transport” – This was written for a compilation album, we were given a few samples and told “do what you feel”, I had just gotten a Hartmann Neuron and so I did the whole track on the Neuron. Sadly the album was never released.

“Soul Defence” – This was probably one of my darker moments, when I was battling with some big decisions and struggling. I don’t sing, but the singer in a band I played bass in (for giggles mostly) did sing on this and played guitar.

Below, you’ll find a link to my page and some of my other stuff, predictably some ‘berlin school’ and just for giggles a cover of the Joe90 theme song.