Personal update

I’ve been quiet the last month or two and I would like to explain a little.
Right now I have a lot going on in my life, I’m having to move due to the flat I rent being sold, I am going trough a divorce and I’m having some health issues which are affecting the amount of energy I have, these coupled with the isolation that COVID has brought us is pushing me into depression again. A lot of people are in the same boat as a result of the changes to life that have been brought on by 2020.

I’m not writing this for sympathy, but i want to help others realise there is no shame in suffering with depression, its a major art of my life and has been for decades, I suspect I’ll never fully be free of it, but I no longer feel ashamed of it. I suffer with depression, there said it.

What does this mean for Dove Audio? Well right now things are going slowly, I have very little energy at the end of my day job (I can barely make it through the week and spend the weekends recuperating) and as a result things like MuSeq and Delta have significantly slipped.

I did very much enjoy working with Robert at Tangible Waves on the “wavetables” module, and I would very much like to work on more modules for that Tangible Waves. But for now, I need to focus on my mental health.

I’m hopeful that after September when I’ve moved and things are moving with my divorce that some the “black dog” will diminish a little, I’m working with my GP on solving my lack of energy, again hopefully things will be greatly improved by the end of September. So please bare with me, normal synth-geeky-ness will be resumed.