Eurorack Waveplane oscillator (SOLD OUT)


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Eurorack format Waveplane oscillator (16HP)

The Waveplane Oscillator uses a morphing concept to generate lively and rough sounds. This very special oscillator brings a new and unique option to the euro format modular, for morphing between waveforms. You’re able to select four different waveforms and continuously morph between them using the X and Y controls, which of course have CV inputs. Add to this that each of the four waveforms is a wavetable with it’s own CV control and you have a 6 dimension morphing wavetable giving sonic potential never before available.

You’re able to invert the lower two waveforms, or the two rightmost waveforms using a switch

There is also a coarse pitch control, fine pitch control and FM input.

All waveform CVs, X/Y CVs and FM CVs have attenuators, the pitch CV is 1V/Oct.

Requires +12V (45mA), +5V (100mA) and -12V (45mA) power supplies.

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Note: now has added preset to allow for V/Oct adjustment