Modular Jam

I had a particularly stressful week at my day job, Dove Audio is just part time for me, so I decided to have a play with my modular using the modules I’ve made.

It came out very berlin school esque (predictable given my love of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze)

Here is what I used and how
– Dove Audio WTF oscillator on drone (bottom left, just the one).
– Dove audio WTF oscillator on ‘mid’ PWM for sequence (upper right, second in from right)
– Dove Audio Waveplane oscillator on high notes (upper right, rightmost)
– Dove Audio MuTable (In development) on low notes (3rd in from right, upper)
– Dove Audio MuSeq (In development) on sequencing duties (upper).

There are two modules used here that are in development, and it will be a few months before they’re ready.