MuSeq update

Well things were going swimmingly and then I hit a problem.

Basically with the current software development (SDK) and tool chain I’m using there is no way to get “self programming” to work. Self programming is basically the bit that allows you to update in the field from an SDCard, USB, MIDI, etc.

To get around this I’d have to do one of the following;
– Swap to a new micro processor and new SDK and start from scratch (will take a lot of work, several months)

– Swap to a new SDK and port over the code and libraries I’m currently using (will take a month of two of work)

– Send out programmers to repair centers around the world to allow them to do updates (no extra time, but a lot of extra cost and annoyed customers).

None of the above are particularly appealing and I need to have a think about which way to go.

2020 has been a terrible year for Dove Audio sales wise, and I’m just about treading water financially, yes I do this as a hobby so don’t have salaries to worry about but I do have accountants bills, website bills and tax bills to pay.

These two things, and a number of personal issues I’m dealing with, have hit my mood very hard and I can feel myself dropping back into depression.

So, I’m going to be stopping for a while whilst I try and get some semblance of a “level playing field” back into my personal life and have a think about MuSeq.