MuSeq update, a super nice guy and a visitor

Having managed to find a supplier with a few chips in stock I’ve managed to build up 3 beta units which will be going to beta testers in the next week or so.

Three MuSeqs ready for testing
Three MuSeqs ready for testing

I’m about to move house, again, and once the dust has settled from that these will be going to three beta testers. to pop into their MU modular systems and be put through their paces.

Whilst chipageddon is with us, these sadly won’t be going into production, however this does mean we can focus on the firmware and getting that nailed down and rock solid ready to go into units as soon as we’re able to go to production.

I was also approached by Darwin Grosse about an interview for his podcast, which I was honoured to do, if you don’t know his podcast you really should go and give it a whirl (, also on iTunes and Spotify), he does some incredible interviews with Musicians and Builders alike. It was a genuine honour to chat at length with Darwin who is one of the nicest guys on the planet, so why not give his podcast a go and support him via his Patreon page.

In other news, I’ve had another visit from the black dog (video below for more information). I’m hopeful that moving house will mean the black dog goes away for a while. When I have a visit from the black dog I struggle to work on projects as I can’t really focus. So things have slowed a little of late.

For those of you out there, please know you’re not alone and it will pass, there are people who you can talk to about things, each country has their own, but for the UK the Samaritans is one of the best places – 116 123

For now, I’ll leave you with this video which goes some way to explaining what goes through your head when the black dog visits. I’ve been here before and I will get past it again.

Stay safe