Who is Dove Audio?

Dove Audio Ltd is a new synthesiser company set up by  Paula Maddox, to bring to life her new synthesiser ideas and concepts.

“Purity, Integrity and Love” what do you mean?

In a world full disappointment, backstabbing and hatred we wanted to create the reverse;
“Purity” – We will always do our best to get the most pure sound and build quality we can from our designs, this includes using high quality components.
“Integrity” – We treat people how we want to be treated. We value our customers and our friends, if you have a problem with our product then we have a problem that we will work with you to solve.
“Love” – We love our products and customers. To spread our love further and to help rid the world of hate, 10% of profit from every sale will go to an anti hate charity based in the country that the order originates from.

Who is Paula Maddox (a brief history) ?

Paula has been around the world of synthesisers for nearly 30 years. She started a company called “Modulus” back in 2000 to bring some of her projects to the commercial world. The Monowave was the first commercial product;

Monowave, two digital oscillators, 256 waveforms, unique derez function, Transistor ladder filter (a la Moog), super quiet VCA, Two ADSRs and one LFO

However not content with that she wanted to create a polyphonic version with more features, and so teamed up with Hartmann Music and the Tempest concept was born;

Digital/Analogue Hybrid Polysynth. 4 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 ADSRs, Modified Ladder Filter.

Sadly Hartmann Music ceased trading shortly after and the concept was put to one side.

She then began working on DSP based synthesisers and used the SoundArt Chameleon to create the Monowave II, which took the Monowave into DSP terrain, adding a third oscillator, digital delay and numerous other features, but keeping as close to the sound of the original as possible. Paula then created Phoenix which was a 6 voice version of the Monowave II, but replacing the delay with a chorus. Both which share a stunning virtual ladder filter.

Paulas next creations were going back to her roots with hardware, and GorF was born after encouragement from her friends;

GorF MIDI step sequencer, 64 patterns, note, velocity, gate, 2 x CC, variable gate length, chainable patterns, unique bank play mode.

It was about this time that pocket synthesisers and gadgets started to become popular, so hot on the success of GorF Paula launched Tron and Zira;

Tron Drum pattern programmer, 16 steps, tr909 style programming, 64 patterns, Chainable and bank play mode
Zira Monosynth, dual oscillators, single sub, two ADSRs, LFO, 56 waveforms, Korg NJM2069 (DW8000/poly800) VCF/VCA

Zira Demo playlist on SoundCloud

From there she went on to form what is now Modal Electronics in 2013 and to create the Modal 002, a truly powerful polyphonic hybrid synthesiser with many features never before seen on a synthesiser;

002, Two digital oscillators, Two sub oscillators (which can have the same wave as the main oscillator), 56 waveforms, PWM, 12 voice polyphonic, Modified Moog ladder filters with unique morphable slope (24db/oct through bandpass to 8dB/oct). Two LFOs, animator, internet connectivity, Sqeuencer, multi-timbral.

002 was very well received and praised for the quality of the sound. The next step was to bring the sound of the 002 to a better price point but also to integrate it with the world of Modular synthesisers and the Modal 001 was born;

2 Voice version of the 002, with 4 CV inputs and 4 CV outputs.

At this point Paula began working with a friend and together, as part of Modal, we created the Modal 008, the first truly analogue polysynth for several decades. Once again with a host of never before seen features;

008, Analogue VCOs, Multimode VCF. Two LFOs, two ADSRs, Animator, Internet connectivity and 11 modulation sources, 36 destinations, all with individual depths and all available simultaneously.

From there rack mount versions of both 002 and 008 were created, 002R and 008R;

Rack mount versions of the 002 and 008

Paula resigned from Modal in December 2016 officially leaving Modal at the end of March 2017, but now after a break, She’s back with new ideas and a fresh start with Dove Audio as my company name, with a firm belief in the three keywords of the company; Purity, Integrity and Love.

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