MuSeq Update

Another quick update for MuSeq, This time I’ve added the ability to set the “clock out” rate, so you can go from 1 clock per 4 beats all the way to 32 clocks per 4 beats. A short video is below

MuSeq Clock out demo

There are a few things left to do, so here’s a list;

  • Clock in from front panel (feed it say 8 clocks and get 24 PPQN resolution)
  • Self updating, i.e. you can update from SDCard
  • MIDI out
  • Sync 24 Out
  • Some internal tidying up of sequence loading/saving, particularly when in Bank play mode.
  • Redesign of PCB and Front Panel

The big hurdle is going to be the self updating, it always is. As it essentially requires you to boot into a bit of code to check for updates, then clear itself and load the main code, add in the ability to make it so you can’t brick it and things become quite difficult quite quickly.

The remainder should be straight forward, then it’s a case of getting prices and looking for a couple of beta testers before it can be shipped.

Life & Focus

We’ve finally found a suitable place to relocate to and we will be moving the end of August, this means we will temporarily not be be able to complete and ship further orders until around the middle of September.

This has taken a huge pressure off me personally, as have a couple of major life changes in recent weeks. My mood has lifted significantly in recent weeks as a result.

In short, I’m going to drop my current project list down to just three things and try and focus my efforts on those, they are;

  • MuSeq – My MU sequencer, there are a number of hardware changes that are needed, so I will be looking at these first. I did post a recent video with an update on some extra functionality that has gone in on my YouTube channel.
  • Delta – The basics are there, the analogue VCFs and VCAs work and the oscillators are all working. I’m considering a slight change to the VCF to give it a fourth filter mode and there is likely to a processor change (which is why it’s on headers) . I am pleased with how small it is, 110mm by 110mm for four voices.
  • PJ5CPU project, this is a bit of fun for me, basically it’s a RISC microprocessor made from TTL logic with a single instruction per clock cycle. I’m hoping to achieve 1Mhz/1MIPS from it, but it’s really just for fun and is not aimed at becoming a commercial product.

There are other things I would like to do, for example more modules for Tangible Waves, but for the moment I need to try and keep my focus.

Whilst Dove-Audio remains a hobby/cottage industry things aren’t likely to happen quickly, but I will post updates when I can.

Machine Bristonica

There’s a new synth show in Bristol! Run by the people at Elevator sound and it’s called Machina Bristonica.
The event is at the end of March, March 30th, and promises to be a great event with lots of modular companies in attendance.
Dove Audio will be there with our WTF oscillator and with some luck we’ll be showing the prototype of something new!
So stop by and say hello!

Now available from dealers

We’ve been busy finishing assembly, testing and boxing our modules and we’re super excited to say that they’re now available from a number of incredible dealers around the world.

We’ve created a page for our dealers under the “Where to buy” heading in our menu. If your preferred dealer isn’t on our list then ask them to get in touch with us and we’ll work with them to get modules to you as soon as we can.

Audio Rate Modulation

We were asked how the WTF oscillator sounded with audio rate modulation, so we did a short video showing just this.
The video shows the MU version of the module being modulated by a dotcom VCO, initially at low speed and then audio rate.
We did both waveform modulation and then Window Width modulation, both create some really rich harmonics. we hope you enjoy it.

Brighton Modular Meet demo rig videos

Here we have two demo videos showing the WTF oscillator in both MU format ( and Euro-rack format. These were shown at Brighton Modular Meet on July 1st 2018. Both were well received by everyone.

First we have the MU format demo;

Next we have the Euro-rack version;

Our first show

We’re pleased to announce that our first show, and first public outing of the WTF Oscillator module, will be at the Brighton Modular Meet on the 1st of July 2018.

So why not come along and hear something new on our stand in the Garden Room.

In the meantime here’s a video from last years Brighton Modular Meet to wet your appetite.


WTF? New project Demos

We have two new audio previews of our fourth coming module;

We’re prepping ready for the launch of a kickstarter campaign, but for now, please follow us on facebook, twitter and sound cloud for all the latest updates.

New Project

We’re busy assembling our first prototype module of a new type of oscillator. We’re not going into details yet, but suffice it to say this has never been done before and is radically new. The module will be available as a euro-rack module and also as an MU format module.

Pre-production PCB
Pre-production PCB ready for code upload and test


The 32bit 180Mhz processor
The 32bit 180Mhz processor


Bare pre-production PCBs
Bare pre-production PCBs